“Have Mercy!” Fuller House Season 4 Filming Is Under Way

by Christine Marie Attardo

For the past month, Netflix’s Fuller House has begun filming for their fourth season. Despite my mixed feelings about Season 3B, I am looking forward to the future of this show and am hoping that this season leaves me feeling a bit more of that Tanner spirit.
Take a look at what the cast has been up to over the last month:


Looks fun, huh? The cast does share many little hints on their Instagram stories, so I would definitely recommend checking those out. It only makes sense that this season will focus on Kimmy being Stephanie’s surrogate. I’m really looking forward to that. As far as DJ and Steve go, we better just get some fun, classic love! No more drama for those too. They’ve had far too much.
I look forward to seeing how the legacy cast will play a part. As always, I hope they play more of a part. There isn’t a release date for the fourth season yet, but you can stream Seasons 1-3 of Fuller House on Netflix now.
…and let’s not forget, Fuller House is Emmy Nominated now.

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