Ingenious Star Wars Parody Short Mashes Up Rian Johnson’s Brick And The Last Jedi Controversy

by Erik Amaya

While the harassment of Star Wars: The Last Jedi star Kelly Marie Tran continues to be one of the most troubling and terrible things to roll out of geekdom in the last year, filmmaker Dana James Jones found a fantastic way to poke fun at the awful people terrorizing the actor while making the world’s only fan film based around director Rian Johnson’s first feature Brick.
Star Wars: Revenge of the Incels is a 15-minute fan film which takes the broad strokes of Johnson’s film, a mash-up of film noir tropes set against the strictures of high school, to discuss the strange uproar surrounding Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Characters from Brick take on the appearance and names of key figures in the modern Star Wars behind the scenes drama with actors playing J.J. Abrams and deposed Solo: A Star Wars Story directors Christopher Miller and Phil Lord showing up in genuinely inspired places. According to the filmmakers, “we worked hard to do exacts shots and pacing and a narrative for the controversy that would fit the Brick storyline.” They succeed for the most part — their answer to Brick‘s whodunit doesn’t quite work in the Lucasfilm context — but the final punchline more than makes up for it.

While we typically do not cover fan films here, this one goes out of its way to be clever and transformative in a way we’ve rarely seen before. It centers on something pretty topical, but uses a filmmaker’s history to frame the story in a genuinely innovative way. Also, the jokes hit all the right notes and it gets extra points for using some of the locations from Brick. It also underscores the sort of things possible with fan films without making a film within either the Brick or Star Wars universes. A truly remarkable achievement, even if the filmmakers still need to learn how to control background noise in their audio mix.
(h/t: Birth.Movies.Death)

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