Yes, You Really Do Need A Tasteful Alfred Hitchcock Funko Pop

by Hannah Means Shannon

Funko releases vinyl collectibles to fit just about any fandom, but when they announced they were doing a Pop! of director Alfred Hitchcock, I was a little skeptical. Somehow I felt they’d fail to capture his amusingly dour self-presentation in the show he hosted or in filmed interviews.
But I am more than impressed with the results you’ll see below. In black, white, and greytones, this well-presented directorial vinyl is fit for any collection. And lest there be any confusion over who this person is, he’s holding a clapboard for the film Psycho.

The Master of Suspense directed 53 films, won too many awards to mention and cemented his place as one of the most influential filmmakers in the world. And now Alfred Hitchcock is available as a Pop! vinyl figure holding a movie clapboard for Psycho, arguably his best-known film.

Coming in October!

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