GKids Talks About Bird Boy And It’s Hilarious!

by Tito W. James

Bird Boy: The Forgotten Children is a beautiful, yet dark animated film distributed by GKids. Having distributed The Breadwinner and Miss Hokusai, GKids is known for animated films geared towards older audiences.

Even so, GKids does have a “family friendly” appearance in its marketing and public appearance. I mean they have “kids” in their name, right? That is why it’s extra shocking (and hilarious) to hear what sounds like a pre-teen narrator describing Bird Boy‘s drug-fueled post-apocalyptic plot. The narrator awkwardly transitions from talking about how Bird Boy is an allegory for heroin trafficking to promote a wacky new anime movie called Satellite Girl and Milk Cow.

All kidding aside, I hope that Gkids continues to push the envelope and releases more films like BirdBoy. The film’s director Alberto Vázquez is working on his next movie Unicorn Wars.

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