Mondo Brings The Punisher & The Runaways TV Show Soundtrack To Vinyl

by Olly MacNamee

This week Mondo continue their release of soundtracks from Netflix’s Marvel output with The Punisher’s gritty, industrial soundtrack by Tyler Bates finally being released on coloured vinyl. And, along with this comes The Runaways soundtrack too, with a beautiful cover by Jen Bartel and released by Hollywood Records. That comes on pink marble vinyl and stands in stark contrast to the grittier black and white 12″ with cover artwork by Greg Ruth.

Marvel’s The Punisher – Original Soundtrack LP. Music by Tyler Bates. Artwork by Greg Ruth. Pressed on 180 Gram White with Black Stripe vinyl. Also available on 180 Gram Black vinyl. $25

Marvel’s Runaways – Original Soundtrack LP. Released by Hollywood Records. Artwork by Jen Bartel. Mondo webstore exclusive pressed on Pink Marble vinyl (limited to 500 copies). $25

As a big fan of Tyler Bates’s music, especially his soundtrack work on films like both John Wick outings and Watchmen, I’m really looking forward to listening to the full score on vinyl. I’ll leave you with the opening and closing credit score to remind you of how powerful it is.

The Punisher and Runaway soundtracks will be available from Mondo this Wednesday, the 8th of August.

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