The Gifted To Move Away From Trask Industries In Season 2

by Erik Amaya


Trask Industries has had its day on Fox’s The Gifted.
In the first season of the network’s well-considered X-Men adaptation, Trask Industries was the greatest of all the adversaries the Mutant Underground faced. Though hunted by the governmental agency called Sentinel Services, much of that agency’s arsenal — including brainwashed mutants known as Hounds — were provided by Trask. Its representative, Dr. Roderick Campbell (Garrett Dillahunt) represented a clear and implacable threat to the mutants and to the agency itself.
Then Polaris (Emma Dumont) took Campbell and a contingent of anti-mutant leaders out by crashing their plane.
And it seems that will be the last viewers see of Trask Industries for the foreseeable future. While talking with Slashfilm, executive producer Matt Nix revealed the second season will focus on a different group with designs against the Mutant Underground. “This year we’re doing another sort of comic related organization,” he said. “Not Bolivar Trask, but it’s another company.”
With Polaris and Andy (Percy Hynes White) joining a resurrected form of the Hellfire Club, it remains to be seen if this other company Nix refers to is that same antagonistic faction or another Marvel Comics company with a history withing X-Men lore. With companies like Stark Industries, Rand and Roxxon already in use in Marvel Cinematic Universe shows, Nix may be pulling from a more obscure aspect of comics mythology for Trask’s replacement. But one imagines it will be interesting as The Gifted managed to make an X-Men show without the X-Men compelling network television.
The Gifted returns September 25th on Fox.

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