Film Franchises That Need Anime Tie-Ins, Part 2

by Tito W. James

In my first article, I listed some film franchises that could create interesting anime anthologies. This list continues with the following films.
Harry Potter

Harry Potter is easy to imagine as an anime–a fun cast of school kids who cast spells, and a tone that can range from wacky and fun to scary and emotionally affecting. It has anime written all over it. I would however, like to see a radically different art style as opposed to a Chibi version of the live action films. While the Harry Potter movies have their merits, I always felt that everything was too grey and lacked a sense of colorful excitement. There isn’t one way to draw Merlin, and Harry Potter should be no different.

In an anime anthology format, different art directors could give their vision of Hogwarts. We could leave the school entirely and explore aspects of the Potter-verse that are only hinted at. What about Bill and Charlie Weasley? Charlie was a dragon tamer in Romania while Bill was hunting through cursed tombs in Egypt. What about the dark wizard catchers, the Department of Mysteries, and the Hogwarts founders? Also, there were vampires in Harry Potter but they never do anything.

Inception as an anime… Isn’t that Paprika?” I know there are similarities between the two films, but I think Inception warrants more explanation. There’s a rich cast of characters with their own shady backstories. Furthermore, the concept of dream thieves is common within the world of Inception. Each anime short could be its own self-contained dream heist. Inception also left many questions unanswered. How did dream-infiltration technology get developed? What do people do with the information once they steal it? It’s rare for a film to have a large cultural impact without having a sequel or spinoff. An anime tie-in could be a dream come true.
Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim borrows heavily from anime and the Mech vs Kaiju genre. While I’ve never been interested in mecha anime, Pacific Rim is about more than giant robots. There was an entire subplot involving Kaiju organ smugglers and hints of a Kaiju-based religion. It’s these types of ideas that could be fleshed out further in an anime short. Anime could also explore stories from different perspectives. What does if feel like to experience a Kaiju attack when you’re a child or when you’re the Kaiju?

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