Artists At FanExpo Boston 2018: Humberto Ramos On Spider-Man

by Tito W. James

When I attended FanExpo Boston, I had the opportunity to speak with legendary Spider-Man artist, Humberto Ramos.
Tito W. James: How are you enjoying FanExpo Boston?
Humberto Ramos: FanExpo shows are always good. I’m a frequent flyer of the FanExpo experience.  The energy is electric!
TWJ: Can you tell our readers a little bit about what you’ve been working on?
HR: Well, it’s just been announced last month that I’ll be back on Spider-Man. It’s good to be back home. And we have the new [creative] team. Nick Spencer will be writing the book. So, look for big things in Amazing Spider-Man.

TWJ: What do you think is unique about Spider-Man that makes him appeal to so many different audiences?
HR: Spider-Man is my favorite character. Besides the superpowers and all that– it’s the secret identity of Peter Parker who is closer to who we are. He’s just an average guy. As a kid, I could relate to Spider-Man easily. That’s what makes him stand out against other superheroes who might be more powerful, but are less relatable.

TWJ: What advice would you give to someone who wants to draw Spider-Man?
HR: To me Spider-Man is the “crown jewel.” If you want to draw Spider-Man [professionally] do a decent, solid career. [Marvel] will eventually get ahold of you to do the book. That’s what happened to me. It’s a lot of hard work. Be responsible and professional.
I’d like to thank Humberto Ramos for taking the time to be interviewed. Keep an eye out for Ramos’ return to the web-slinger in Amazing Spider-Man.

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