Controversial Comedian Frankie Boyle’s Rex Royd Collected By Titan

by Olly MacNamee

A strip started in the ill fated Mark Millar comic/magazine experiment, CLiNT, will finally be completed and collected by Titan Comics this September. Written by UK comedian Frankie Boyle and writing partner, Jim Muir. Art is provided by Mike Dowling and Budi Setiawan, Titan include two addition, never before seen chapters to complete the saga.
Readers in The Colonies may not be aware of Boyle’s biting, oft-times misunderstood, dark, satirical comedy which has seen him banned from British TV in the past due to such dark, left-leaning, knife-edge humour.

By day, Rex is the suave CEO of RexCorp, working alongside indestructible Alan Black, and Eve (yes, the original Eve). But by night, he is the scourge of superheroes, the Bilderberg Group and even God himself. All this plus memory implants, drug-addicted schizophrenics, sex-travelling aliens, Thunder God suicides – and more.

From an interview with Frankie Boyle:

I wanted to try to do something that came from the heart. The state-of-the-art in comics always seemed a bit linear and it seems so unambitious. I wanted to do different sections from an overall story you didn’t see all of. I just f****** love comics and I’m keen to develop the whole thing in the least comic book way possible! Rex is complex, but you don’t necessarily need to follow everything. I’m not asking the reader to work as much as have an open mind.

Well, have you got an open mid? You’ll certainly need one, as one familiar with, and appreciative, of Boyle’s comedy. But, be warned, it is an acquired taste for many.
Rex Royd is out September 18th.

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