So Many Plot Points, So Little Time In Green Lanterns #53

by James Ferguson

While the Ravagers are…well…ravaging the planet Penelo, Simon Baz jets off without telling his fellow Green Lanterns. His ring has given him specific instructions to head back to Earth and keep his colleagues in the dark. Suspicion is lurking around him, but Jessica, Guy, Kyle, Hal, and Kilowog don’t have a chance to look into his strange behavior as they’re fighting back a much larger force, not to mention the mysterious and super powered Eon.

Although Eon has shown himself to be a formidable foe, Guy Gardner doesn’t back down from a challenge. This is my favorite part of Green Lanterns #53. When Eon grows to a larger size, not unlike the monsters at the end of every episode of Power Rangers, Guy grins and creates a construct of himself at the same size. Think about that for a minute. The cocky, arrogant Guy Gardner just made a giant-size construct of himself. He must be in heaven.
While the construct isn’t as detailed as the real thing, it still hast he same smirk. Artist Marco Santucci does a great job not only with this, but with all the varied attacks from the Green Lanterns. There is a lot of variety at work in this heated battle. Santucci’s shows why these rings are some of the most powerful weapons in the entire galaxy. They can do practically anything.

We know next to nothing about Eon at this point, but it’s clear that he’s extremely powerful. This definitely comes through in his actions, however his words also give him a strong presence. Letterer Dave Sharpe shows Eon’s dialogue in black word balloons with a bold white font that’s larger than that of other characters. It makes me think Eon has this loud booming voice that can be heard everywhere at once.
Of course, with all this green flying around, colorist Hi-Fi is working overtime. I’ll never get over the cool, light green of the Lanterns’ constructs. It’s a quintessential sci-fi feeling that never gets old. The details within these creations still shine through instead of just being a strange emerald mush.

Green Lanterns #53 gives Kilowog the spotlight for a bit too, which is a welcome addition since we mostly just see him yelling at new recruits back at headquarters. There’s a reason this ring-slinging veteran has been around for as long as he has. He’s an expert with his ring and can use it with surgical precision one moment and like a club the next.

There’s a lot going on in this arc and the huge cliffhanger, while pretty cool, doesn’t help clear anything up. At this point, I have no idea where this could possibly go next. That’s usually a good thing, however we’re four chapters into “Evil’s Might” and we have a dead Guardian, super powered Ravagers, strange storms on Mogo, a decimated planet, a dead Green Lantern, tension between the Earth ring-slingers, and this new monkey wrench from the last page. While any of those on its own would make for an interesting story arc, all of them together is rather jumbled. Writer Dan Jurgens certainly knows a thing or two about making good comics, so I have faith that he’ll bring this home. Right now, I’m a little uneasy.
Green Lanterns #53 from DC Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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