Dark Horse Has Your Next Sci-Fi Epic With Lightstep

by James Ferguson

What do you get when you mix alien world, a star-spanning empire, and crazy futuristic technology?  The answer is the sci-fi comic Lightstep from writer / artist Miloš Slavković, coming in November from Dark Horse Comics. The series centers on secrets hidden in transmissions from a radio drama from Earth thousands of years ago and a woman with a date with destiny that’s about to send a ripple through the cosmos.

Lightstep takes place in a galaxy controlled by a race of elevated beings who live out their lives on accelerated “Lightspeed” planets.  Here a single day will span an entire lifetime on other worlds. The comic follows January Lee, a woman of royal descent with a “divine illness” that shows her the lies of her ancestors who founded the empire. She’s banished from her home into the void until an unexpected rescue sets January on a course to redeem her heritage and change the galaxy forever.
I’m all for new sci-fi. It’s one of my favorite genres so I’m in. This sounds a little trippy, but there’s more than enough to grab onto. Look for the first of the five-issue Lightstep mini-series on November 21st, 2018.

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