First Look At All New Return Of Wolverine Villain, Persephone

by Olly MacNamee

As news begins to hit the internet overt the imminent return of Wolverine in the mini-series Return of Wolverine, Charle Soule has shared a first look at all-new super villain, Persephone. All new, and not the previous Persephone, an actual Greek Godess who’s made the odd appearance in Marvel comics, but not recently.
You may know her as the Queen of the Underworld, having been once abducted against her will because Hades, the Harvey Weinstein of the Greek pantheon it would seem, loved her.
Designed by Mike Hawthorne, Soule asked for, “a 70s sc-ifi inspired look, very fashionable, all confidence and sweeping grace.” Looks like he got it spot on. Great design work I’d say.
Return of Wolverine #1 is out September 19th from Marvel. Written by Charles Soule with art by Steve Niven.

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