5 Point Discussions – Black Clover 45: “The Guy Who Doesn’t Know When To Quit”

by Sage Ashford

Asta faces off against Vetto the Despair along with his new friend.  Can they save the Underwater Temple? And what about the rest of the Black Bulls? Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. With the notable exception of their creepy zombie guy, the Eye of the Midnight Sun seems to be a surprisingly competent villain group. Since Vetto’s so powerful he could beat a Magic Knight Captain, most groups would have just sent some generic weaklings along with their ace. But nope, they sent people who could actually ensure the job gets done, and it almost causes Gauche to get taken out. He’s in the middle of making his way through the maze when he runs into Zarick, a mage with…chain magic? This is probably the most specific we’ve seen magic get–usually it’s just broad stuff you’d find in a fantasy RPG, but somehow this guy manages to get the power of wrecking balls and infinite chains.
His skill catches Gauche off-guard, forcing him to stay on the defensive and almost causing him to lose. Fortunately, at the last second he runs into Grey, masking themselves as a crab. Convincing Grey to turn into a clone of himself, Gauche uses that to distract Zarick long enough to get close enough for a victory. Still, he takes much more damage than you would’ve expected from a guy so generic he could have been called “Evil Mage” without losing anything from his character, so hopefully they don’t run into someone else that’s decently powerful!

2. Naturally, they run into someone else that’s decently powerful. Grey takes Gauche to find Charmy, who’s still knocked out from her encounter with Kahono, and before they can wake her up they get captured by a trap specialist, who wraps them up in mana-draining vines. On instinct, Gauche gets caught up in trying to figure out what he can do on his own, before remembering Asta’s words from their time together and realizes he has teammates to rely on. In that instant, he thinks of a way to wake Charmy up in time to save them all with a combo from a giant cotton sheep.
In any case, with most of their magic drained Grey finally gets forced to return to their normal form, and for the first time we get to see what they really look like: a young woman who stays transformed at all time because she’s embarrassed to let anyone look at her in her “real” form. It’s a surprise, but then everything about Grey tends to be unexpected, as she seems to turn into a completely different person when her magic’s working.
It’s a cute bonding moment for the trio, the kind we actually haven’t been able to get for much of this series because the story’s been so caught up in world building up until now. Gauche learns what relying on teammates really means, Grey learns to work with their teammates, and Charmy gets to remind everyone she’s actually super-powerful. Though in Gauche’s defense, at the time everyone was seeming pretty useless.

3. The big fight this week is Asta and Kiato versus Vetto. As predicted last week, Magna and Luck pulled out their most powerful combination attack only for it to do all of zero damage, and Asta and his new friend arrive just in time to stop them from getting literally murdered. Speaking of, Vetto gains extra villain points for knowing he’s on magic camera and specifically deciding to point out he was going to massacre the entire village for fun once he was done beating the Black Bulls. I’m sure they’ll eventually go backwards on this and try to make the character relatable in some way, but for now it’s nice to have a scumbag bad guy.
Asta and Kiato try to hold him off, but it’s fool’s errand: one partially serious attack sends them into the cave walls, completely wrecked. It’s not a good look for them, but fortunately…

4. It’s not often the ladies in a shonen series get to do the Dramatic Arrival Rescue, but it’s always awesome when it happens. After Asta and Kiato seem like they’ve reached their limits, Vetto decides he wants to take Asta out first because he’s actually too stupid to descend into despair. Proving his point, when he grabs Asta by his arms and makes it impossible to punch or kick, he bites into Vetto’s arm, mumbling something incoherent.
Before Vetto can figure out what it is, and presumably kill Asta in a unsuitably violent way, a blast of magic knocks the main character out of his hands, and Kahono and Noelle stand at the ready. Of course, the only problem here is Noelle just figured out how to use her magic and Vetto has already torn through all of the most powerful mages here other than Yami. On the bright side…at least Noelle can maybe heal some of them?

5. Next Episode: You know, with a promo like this you’d Vetto was going to be easy to beat, and not the final boss of this first “season” of Black Clover. Charmy just talks about how much yummy seafood she wants to cook, like her whole team’s life isn’t at risk. Gotta give her this–she’s consistent.
Black Clover is available for streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu.

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