DC Comics Reveals Crisis-Filled Heroes In Crisis Variant Covers

by James Ferguson

Heroes in Crisis is set to debut in September from DC Comics, featuring the creation of Sanctuary, a facility designed to help super heroes deal with the trauma of their every day adventures. The publisher has revealed a batch of variant covers for the first issue featuring artwork from J.G. Jones, Mark Brooks, Francesco Mattina, and Ryan Sook.

Heroes in Crisis #1 variant by Francesco Mattina.

Heroes in Crisis #1 variant by J.G. Jones

Sook will be illustrating themed covers for the series, each one featuring a traumatic event pulled from the history of the DC Universe. The first is the death of Superman. Others will include Bane breaking Batman’s Back, Wonder Woman killing Maxwell Lord, Aquaman losing his hand, Jason Todd’s death, and Hal Jordan killing Kilowog. Issue #7 will feature Harley Quinn, but the specific event has not yet been announced. These are shown in poignant snapshots that speak volumes.
Heroes in Crisis #1 variant by Ryan Sook.

Heroes in Crisis #2 variant by Ryan Sook

Heroes in Crisis #3 variant by Ryan Sook.

The information shown on the covers is important too. They feature specific details, like they were pulled from someone’s files. Sook spoke to the DC Comics blog about the meaning of them:

They deal with the date of the stories’ original release but without a year ascribed. That is deliberate. I researched the exact dates, but the trauma can’t be locked in to history when you carry it with you; it becomes kind of timeless.

It’s clear that Heroes in Crisis is being handled with great care. Writer Tom King and artist Clay Mann are dealing with how trauma affects these heroes in a serious manner. After looking at these variant covers, I’m even more interested in this series.
Look for the first issue of Heroes in Crisis at your local comic shop on September 26th, 2018.

Heroes in Crisis #1 variant by Mark Brooks.

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