Fence From Boom! Studios Jumps To Graphic Novel Format

by James Ferguson

Fence, the series from C.S. Pacat and Johanna The Mad, is the latest comic to ditch the monthly floppies and go straight to graphic novels. Fence #12, debuting in November from Boom! Studios will be the final monthly issue.

Fence debuted in 2017 as a limited series. After an immediate first issue sell out, it was upgraded to a full series order of twelve issues. The comic is a teen soap operate following Nicholas, the secret son of a retired fencing champion, as he sets out to make his mark on the fencing world through Kings Row private school. He faces off against his unbeatable and mysterious half-brother Seiji Katayama. It’s a super fun series that is full of drama and excitement.
Writer C.S. Pacat says:

I’m so thrilled that Fence will be continuing as a series of graphic novels! Fence was originally planned to run for 12 issues – but thanks to the amazing support of fans who have shown the series so much love it can now go to a whole new level. I can’t wait to take these characters all the way to nationals, to reveal some huge surprises that we’ve got stored up – and of course for the team romances to blossom! It’s been incredible to see the series connect with readers of all ages, and for fan favourites to emerge, along with an outpouring of fan works and enthusiasm. Thank you to everyone who has read and been a part of the world of Fence, as we join the new team on their rise!

This is not the first monthly series to make the jump straight to graphic novels. This has also been the case with Moonstruck and Motor Crush from Image Comics. All three of these titles have a more diverse group of characters than your “traditional” super hero comics, so these changes could be in an effort to focus on the true target demographic.
Artist Johanna the Mad says:

I’m still amazed at how far we’ve got thanks to the support of our wonderful readers! Can’t wait for our fans to find out what’s coming next on Fence for Nicholas and the rest of the boys!

The first volume of Fence is available now with the second and third debuting in January and April 2019, respectively.

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