“Santa’s Knees Are A Little Fragile.” — Let’s Talk About Wynonna Earp Season 3, Episode 6

by Erik Amaya


Are we half-way through the season already?
It seems so as Wynonna Earp finally delivered a Christmas episode. And it is somehow fitting they waited until Mama Earp (Megan Follows) was freed from her madness and, presumably, her sentence. Though, I’d still love to know how Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) and Sheriff Nedly (Greg Lawson) pulled that off without Black Badge Division resources.
Well, assuming anyone bothered. Maybe Michelle is still a fugitive.
But more importantly, the episode managed to highlight family time in a number of outstanding ways, starting with Michelle preparing a wild turkey dinner for the fam. That’s dedication, though I strongly disagree with her choice to feature canned cranberry sauce. After learning how absurdly easy it is to make it fresh, the weird jelly-ness of the canned variety will never appear at a holiday dinner of mine ever again. Nonetheless, Michelle’s meal plan reflects just how out of time she still is, perhaps even more so than the debate over the tree-topper.
For Waverly (Dominique Provost Chalkley), though, Christmas comes with the news that her father Julian is an angel and presumably still alive. Though the mystery of his whereabouts and why he vanished the day Waverly was born remain mysteries. Well, maybe not to Bobo Del Rey (Michael Eklund), who is more than ready to trade his information for a way out of the well. Remember when he had his own little settlement of Revenants outside of town? That really feels like a long time ago. But he is still dedicated to protecting Waverly, as his assumption that she was an angel turned out to be correct. And yet, he still has the madness of Hell about him, which makes him a wildcard in Bulshar’s (Jean Marchand) collection of fealty. Will Bobo willing serve him despite, well, everything?
Oh, also, Waverly refused Bobo’s terms, but Michelle was more than happy to help him escape. But you have to wonder why she wants to talk to Julian.
The main mystery of the week also revolved around families as Bulshar’s brigade of undead beekeepers collected sons of the old Purgatory families for some sort of ritual. This was something he tried to do when Kate’s (Chantal Riley) vampire coven first came to town and it appears he was more successful this time, as at least a handful were subjected to Phantasm goo. It is still unclear if this is the ritual or just some sort of revenge on the families who helped Wyatt 100 years ago, but it may yet prove disastrous for Robin (Justin Kelly). He is definitely from one of the oldest families in town and he definitely had some of that green yuck on his chin when Wynonna and Charlie (Sebastian Pigott) saved the missing townsfolk. Considering Robin was already full of leaves and sap a few episodes ago, maybe the Phantasm flotsam just cleaned him out like Drano.
Okay, that’s almost as gross as what we saw on screen, sorry.
At least we got to see Robin and Jeremy (Varun Saranga) kiss. That was a delightful moment, even if the memory of Robin tied to Bulshar’s machine was still fresh. It also paid off a couple of Jeremy moments during the episode in which he assumed Robin ghosted him. Which, considering the way most people regard Jeremy’s enthusiasm for everything, sort of makes sense. Glad they’ll have some happy time together before the green goo or the tree sap bites them in the proverbial asses.
Sadly, the strain of the latest bit of weirdness was just too much for Nedly, who announced his retirement while naming Nicole (Katherine Barrell) as his successor. While Sheriff Haught has a nice ring to it, it is still sad to see Nedly just loose his heart for the job. Granted, he helplessly watched as Bulshar and the beekeepers collected one of the town’s children, and yeah, this has been building for sometime, but it still stings to see a good man just stop. Hopefully, Nedly will help out in the weeks to come. The gang is going to need him.
Like Nedly’s retirement, Wynonna and Doc’s (Tim Rozon) latest round of romantic misunderstanding is equally disheartening. It may also lead them to an irreconcilable divide. Doc just wants to hear her say the words, but Wynonna still isn’t ready to say them. Unluckily for both, Kate is more than ready to say what Doc wants to hear and uses it to her advantage to … oh, what’s the term? “Sire” him. At least he’s immortal again, right? It is one of Doc’s great character flaws that he will always choose the easiest route. That’s how he ended up in the well for a hundred years.
As for Wynonna, she’s got Charlie to keep her company for the moment. But I can’t help but recall just how weird the Fire Service guys turned out to be last year and that Dolls had to burn them all with dragon breath. Peacemaker did not react to him, but there are more than demons, vampires and Revenants out in the Ghost River Triangle. And, come to think of it, did Peacemaker ever react to Juan Carlos?
Wynonna Earp airs Fridays on Syfy.

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