And The Pokemon Championships Winners Are…

by Christine Marie Attardo

This weekend was the Pokemon World Championshipsand boy was it an intense three days! Don’t believe me?
Check out this recap below:

So, I’m sure you want to know who are winners are! The competition was certainly fierce! Drum roll please…
Pokémon VGC Masters Division finals
Champion: Paul Ruiz (Ecuador)
Runner-up: Emilio Forbes (United States)
Pokémon VGC Senior Division finals
Champion: James Evans (United States)
Runner-up: Bram de Jonge (Netherlands)
Pokémon VGC Junior Division finals
Champion: Wonn Lee (Japan)
Runner-up: Sota Tamemasa (Japan)
Pokémon TCG Masters Division finals
Champion: Robin Schulz (Germany) — Zoroark-GX + Garbodor
Runner-up: Jeff Kolenc (Canada) — Malamar + Marshadow-GX
Pokémon TCG Senior Division finals
Champion: Magnus Pedersen (Denmark) — Banette-GX + Garbodor
Runner-up: Connor Pedersen (United States) — Buzzwole + Garbodor
Pokémon TCG Junior Division finals
Champion: Naohito Inoue (Japan) — Buzzwole + Lycanroc
Runner-up: Sebastian Enriquez (United States) — Buzzwole + Lycanroc

Feeling the urge to compete? Next year, the championships are moving! Take a look:

Now that it’s actually in driving distance from me, perhaps I will make a road trip out of it!

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