Disenchantment 1.2 Recap: A Wild & Crazy Bachelor Party With Walruses

by Gary Catig

Episode 2 of Disenchantment picks up right where the pilot left off. Our trio have taken a leap of faith off a cliff so Bean can escape capture by her soon to be husband, Prince Merkimer. Unfortunately for them, the prince beats them to the ground and is able to brace their fall. Now in the prince’s custody, they all head back to Dreamland to finally have a wedding.
[Spoilers for 1.2 Ahead!]
When they return, King Zog is more excited to have Elfo than his own daughter. It is known that elves have magical properties in their blood and Zog is determined to exploit them for his own benefit. He believes the blood can be used to create an elixir of life so he can become an immortal. Sorcerio, the king’s personal wizard, is tasked with unlocking the elf blood secrets but his experiments fail to rejuvenate or restore living beings. In fact, it has the opposite effect.
Meanwhile, Bean is trying to find a way out from her wedding and with a little cajoling from Luci, decides she has to kill her fiancée. At first the two take a subtle approach by finding the perfect poison to carry out the deed. When they fail to find an appropriate toxin, the princess decides to let mermaids do her dirty work. She’ll commission a booze cruise for Merkimer’s bachelor party into mermaid waters and hopes their siren song will lead him to his death.
Afterwards, Sorcerio has used up his limited supply of elf blood and needs larger volumes to continue with his research. Bean is able to secretly supplement the supply with pig’s blood in order to spare her friend further discomfort. Afterwards, the three set off and join the bachelor party.
When the boat nears mermaid territory, Merkimer and his friends are tied up to ensure they don’t jump overboard to their deaths. However, Bean has sabotaged the prince’s ropes. Due to a mix up by the boat’s captain, they end up at an island of walruses. Merkimer doesn’t care and breaks free from his restraints and swims towards the island. When ashore, he beckons the sea mammals and is overwhelmed by sheer numbers during a violent orgy.

The prince is considered lost at sea so the party decides to head back home. Along the way, they are attacked by a warlike species called borks. The ship is not equipped for battle but for various types of celebrations as the cannons are filled with confetti and fireworks for a bar mitzvah. Luckily the prince returns to rescue them with his army of walruses to vanquish their assailants.
The wedding goes on as scheduled but Merkimer begins to have some jitters. In order to calm his nerves, he finds and drinks the elf/pig blood mixture. The concoction might not be the secret to everlasting life, but it does have transformative properties as the prince is turned into a pig. Seeing his future son in law, the king comes to his senses and calls off the marriage and regrettably, also the open bar. Insulted, the prince’s dad challenges Zod and the episode ends with a king fight.
The writing for the show has shown improvement compared to the pilot as the lines were funnier. Also, there is an interesting and entertaining devil/angel dynamic between the three main leads. Obviously being the demon, Luci is the bad influence over Princess Bean, causing her to make bad decisions while Elfo serves as her voice of reason. Speaking of Elfo, he is living up to his desire to experience all the negative and ugliness of life, from his imprisonment and taking of his blood to being used as a drinking prop during the bachelor party. So far, Bean has already gone through two potential husbands and we’ll see if the king is done trying to marry her off.
Favorite background gags of the episode:
Barns for Nobles Real Estate

Little Seizures Poison Shop, Poison! Poison!

El De Barge (Name of the party boat)

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