Rom-Com Shojo Manga, Ao Haru Ride, Coming Stateside This Fall

by Gary Catig

Do you remember your first crush when you were young? What if you reconnect with them later in life, would they still be the same person you met years before? These are some of the questions asked in the shojo manga, Ao Haru Ride. Viz Media has announced they will be releasing the series here in the U.S. this fall with an English translation.
Ao Haru Ride, written and illustrated by Io Sakisaka is set to launch the first volume on October 2, with each following volume published on a bimonthly basis. The story follows Futoba Yoshioka, a girl who thought all boys were too immature and violent, until one day in middle school, she finds the exception and begins to have feelings for him. Before she can act on those feelings, her crush, Kou Tanaka, moves away. Years later in high school, Kuo finds a way back into Futoba’s life, but have the two changed in that time apart?
Senior Editor, Nancy Thistlethwaite says:

AO HARU RIDE has been one of the most requested series by avid North American shojo manga readers. We are very excited to give fans the opportunity to collect this beautiful and enchanting series about first- and second – love.

If teen romantic comedies are your thing, give Ao Haru Ride a look in a few months.

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