Romance In Maple Bay: Dream Daddy Comics Launch Today From Oni Press

by Hannah Means Shannon

Today, Oni Press is announcing that they will be publishing Dream Daddy comics, in fact they are publishing them today, online, and have a publishing schedule we can follow along with in print and digital.
If you’re not familiar with Dream Daddy, it’s a popular app game whose narrative aspects have been drawing fans into the world of romantic choice. The “visual novel video game” from Game Grumps was co-created by Vernon Shaw and Leighton Gray. Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator invites the player to Maple Bay, where they play as a single Dad new to town and eager to romance other hot Dads.
Oni Press’s comic series will tells five standalone stories, each focused on different Maple Bay Dads. You can pick up the first print issue, with a cover by Kris Anka (Runaways), at the Oni Press booth #6305 all weekend this weekend at PAX West (Penny Arcade Expo) in Seattle, WA.
But if you’re not attending, the issue will also be available in the Oni Press online shop. All subsequent print issues will also have covers by Kris Anka, and will be available via the Oni Press store and convention appearances at RCCC, NYCC, and PAX Unplugged.
Digital versions of each comic are available monthly on Steam, Comixology, Kindle, and more:

Fans can sign up for Dream Daddy comic alerts here.

Here’s a complete rundown of the first five issues of the series and the dates when they’ll be released:
Issue #1: “Much Abird About Nothing” (Aug. 29)
(W) Wendy Xu (A/C) Ryan Maniulit
It’s college reunion time! Who’d have thought that it’s already been fifteen years since Keg-Stand Craig and the new Dad on the block went to college? This one’s like a buddy cop comedy, only there are no cops and more avoiding old flames while trying to stifle an existential breakdown, bro.

Issue #2: “Let The Right Dad In” (Sept. 26)
(W) Lee C. A. (A/C) Jack Gross
There’s a new Dad in the cul-de-sac… and he’s already sunk his fangs into the neighborhood! But Robert knows a vampire when he sees one, and he’s armed with enough garlic and rewatches of F. W. Murnau’s Nosferatu (1922) to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Issue #3: “Dream Ad-y” (Oct. 24)
(W) Leighton Gray, Vernon Shaw (A) Jarrett Williams (C) Jeremy Lawson
Sales are dropping at the Coffee Spoon, and Mat is looking for a way to drive new customers to the shop. Thank goodness the rest of the neighborhood is filled to the brim with enough seasoned craftsmen of the film industry to create the best local ad Maple Bay has ever seen! Just kidding, have you ever asked a Dad to take a picture of you? What can we say? The Dads and their kids try their best.

Issue #4: “Fair Deal” (Nov. 21)
(W) C. Spike Trotman (A) Drew Green (C) Reed Black
The science fair is tomorrow, and Daisy hasn’t started her project yet! All she wants is a ride to the library and a participation ribbon. But Brian has bigger plans for her: wind turbines, working replicas of Mount Vesuvius, human genome editing. Turns out Daisy’s not the only one who procrastinated, and Joseph is out to force Christian and Christie to become the next science superstars. Can the kids get their presentations ready before the librarian kicks them all out for a no holds barred Dad-off?

Issue #5: “Dungeons & Daddies” (Dec. 19)
(W) Josh Trujillo (A) D.J. Kirkland (C) Matt Herms
Hugo has been preparing for this moment for months, and it’s finally here. He’s wrangled all of the Dads to play an extremely popular but non-descript tabletop role playing game together! And with his carefully laid plans, Hugo is sure he’ll be the best Dungeon Master they’ve ever seen… as long as they all take the game as seriously as he does.

Vernon Shaw says:

There are so many more stories we wanted to explore in the DDADDS universe. And Oni is giving us this amazing new outlet to tell them. Hope everyone likes Dad jokes!

Leighton Gray adds:

It’s always been a dream of mine to work on a comic book series. I couldn’t be happier that we got to make all these cool new Dad stories with such cool people!

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