Comics Legend Marie Severin Passes Away At The Age Of 89

by Hannah Means Shannon

Today brings the news that following a recent stroke, the comics giant Marie Severin has passed away at the age of 89.
Severin was friend to many creators still working in the field today and was often spoken of fondly after a decades-long comics career as artist and colorist for Marvel Comics.
Severin’s career began working for EC Comics and she was the younger sibling of comic artist John Severin. The introduction of the Comics Code drove EC out of business and Severin left working in comics for a time, but returned in the 50’s and worked for Atlas, later Marvel, eventually becoming a prominent colorist and occasional penciler for the publisher.
Later in her career, she set coloring work aside to focus on penciling and became co-creator of Spider-Woman, including designing her costume. She also worked on licensed projects for Marvel and continued working for the publisher until the late 1990s. She continued to work as an artist until retirement. She was inducted into the Eisner Hall of Fame in 2001.

Marie’s fabulous contributions to comic art are only matched by the influence of her personality on the industry. Many professionals remember her warmth and humor, and the degree to which she has been remembered with affection by all who knew her is a testimony to just how great a gift she brought to those around her.

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