Hold On To Your Socks! Here Comes Albert Einstein: Time Mason!

by James Ferguson

There’s been a growing trend of re-imagining historical figures as super heroes and I am all for it. I think you can trace this back to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. This October, Albert Einstein joins the fray in a new series from Action Lab Entertainment. Albert Einstein: Time Mason turns the famed genius into a wise-cracking, sure-fisted amalgamation of James Bond, Doctor Who, and Han Solo. There is nothing about that sentence I don’t love.

Written by Marcus Perry and illustrated by Tony Donley, Albert Einstein: Time Mason is an action / comedy series where the title character faces off against a brilliant foe out to mess up the timeline. Einstein must chase this villain through the ages to save the world and time itself.
Writer Marcus Perry says:

This character and this story represent everything we grew up with that we’re still passionate about. It’s a nod to Raiders of the Lost Ark and Star Wars, with an emphasis on fun. And when you’ve got the greatest mind of all time to play with… there’s no limit to where you can take him.

Albert Einstein: Time Mason #1 will feature a cover by Dave Johnson and a retro variant by interior artist, Tony Donley.
Artist Tony Donley adds:

We wanted to create something retro, but put a modern twist on it. It’s a guy you think you know from the history books, shot through a prism you’re gonna love. Albert Einstein: Time Mason is a blast to draw, and we think it’s a blast to read, too!

Look for Albert Einstein: Time Mason #1 at your local comic shop on Wednesday, October 3rd.

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