Ghostbusters Bustin’ Ghosts Across Dimensions: Preview ‘Crossing Over’ #6

by Olly MacNamee

This week sees Ghostbusters Crossing Over #6 (of an 8 issue series) come out from writer Erik Burnham, artist Dan Shoening, colourist Luis Antonio Delgado and IDW. Tim Lattie provides the cover art for this month’s issue that features every Ghostbuster EVER! That’s the original Ghostbusters, the animated version and the 2016 new team all present and accounted for in this comic.
Here’s your preview, Ghostbusters fans.

The Ghostbusters need every missing ghost back to properly recalibrate their rapidly malfunctioning containment unit, and so far, they’ve recaptured them all! But this time, something stands in their way—and his name is Louis Tully!

Ghostbusters Crossing Over #6 is out Wednesday, the 5th of September from IDW.

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