“Lean On Us” – A New Poster For This Is Us Season 3

by Christine Marie Attardo

We’ve officially entered the month in which televisions most anticipated NBC show, This Is Us will premiere. So, it makes sense that there’s an official promo poster.
Take a look…

Doesn’t that make you feel a Fall chill in the air? There’s a lot going on in this photo. I find it very interesting that Jack, Randall, and Beth are the only three staring straight forward, while everyone else looks quite disturbed. Well, I suppose Rebecca is in a dream-like state, but I find Kate’s stare to be the most unsettling. Are these signs for what’s to come in the third season? Time will tell. All that matters is, we are getting more of this fantastic show.
Mandy Moore shared her thoughts on why This Is Us is such a success with Parade:

People are hungry for this kind of entertainment…The show is so heartfelt, but it’s never schmaltzy…And there’s something really unifying about the common theme about this struggle of being human—the joys and the pain and everything in between.

I couldn’t agree more. This Is Us, season 3 premieres on September 25th at 9pm.

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