Move Over Pooh! Jim Benton’s Clyde Is The New Mischievous Bear On The Block

by James Ferguson

When you hear about the misadventures of a mischievous bear, a certain red-shirted, rotund individual comes to mind. This February, IDW Publishing and Yoe Books aims to change that with Jim Benton’s Clyde. The original graphic novel follows the title character as he learns there’s still room for family, friendship, and altruism in even the most rebellious among us.

Benton says:

We all have sketchy things in our past. It’s a riot to write about a character whose sketchy past is his present!

Clyde the Bear exchanges his safe and peaceful life in Cubville for the mean streets of Grizzly City. There, with the help of a reformed juvenile delinquent butterfly, he finds that the Bad Life isn’t always so great and there’s something to be said for helping your loved ones…although it does stink a little.
Jim Benton’s Clyde is now available for pre-order through online booksellers and comic book shops. The 104-page graphic novel is slated for release in February 2019 and will retail for $9.99.

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