Witness The Journey Of The Tyrannosaurus Rex In New Graphic Novel

by James Ferguson

I feel like dinosaurs are a universal love. It’s something that everyone gets into as a kid and always has a deep fascination for even into adulthood. The undisputed king of the dinosaurs is the Tyrannosaurus Rex and artist Ted Rechlin is exploring the epic journey of the creature in a new graphic novel from Rextooth Studios.

T. Rex Generations follows Cobalt and Sierra, a mated tyrannosaurus pair as they raise their four hatchlings in the wild lands of prehistoric Montana. They’ll have to protect their children against other dangerous dinosaurs such as the Dakota Raptor and armored Ankylosaurus.
Rechlin says:

There isn’t an established genre for graphic novels about natural history and wildlife. And with science education my top priority, it was a natural to portray T. rex, the most well-studied dinosaur of all time. Dinosaurs are complex animals who are far from the slow, stupid and tail-dragging lizards they were originally viewed as. Recent research suggests that T. rex was likely a very intelligent animal who was capable of social behavior and problem solving. I used this research as the basis for the family group of T. rex followed in my books.

I love the very idea of this book. It speaks to the wide-eyed wonder that everyone has when talking about dinosaurs. The fact that it has a deep scientific background is a huge plus that should please parents, too.
T. Rex Generations is scheduled for release on September 18th, 2018 through booksellers nationwide and Amazon.

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