Giant Robots And Stunning Vistas: Skybound Publish The Electric State By Simon Stålenhag

by Olly MacNamee

Simon Stålenhag is something of an internet sensation. Well, that is if you’ve been fortunate enough to come across his digitally painted, purposefully stereotypical vistas of America’s countryside, which just happen to include decaying giant robots set in post-apocalytic future, which he collected together in a coffee-table book.
The Electric State was originally successfully crowdfunded through Kickstarter with Skybound stepping in to publish a North American edition this September.
It tells the story of a teenage girl and her robot travelling across an eerily still and lifeless America, which is a perfect tonic for all fans missing Black Mirror and/or Ready Player One.

It’s a lavish, rich, beautiful book and I’m not surprised that the Russo Brothers (Avengers: Infinity War) have already bought up the movie rights. Just take a look and maybe get yourself a copy when it lands shortly.

For more on this title, check out Skybound’s website for more. Priced at $35, the is one I’ll be putting on my Christmas list for Santa.

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