Head’s Up! A Head Lopper Fan-Art Contest Is Coming Your Way

by Tito W. James

To promote the latest arc of Head Lopper, Image Comics has created a fan-art contest. Participants will compete for a chance to win signed copies of Head Lopper and have their art featured in an upcoming Head Lopper comic. The official rules are listed below.

Here are the threads on Twitter and Instagram and some the drawings created so far.

I’ve participated in several comic competitions, and from my experience I’d say these types of contests serve more to promote the comic than offer a golden ticket to aspiring professionals. It’s unlikely that Image Comics will hire the winner of this competition because they do not always pay page rates or assemble creative teams.
However, participating in this fan-art contest will expose the artist’s work to other like-minded individuals. If you’re a Head Lopper fan and want to create a comic of that quality one day I would suggest participating in this competition. You might get your work noticed by a future collaborator.

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