Shane West Joins Gotham For Fifth And Final Season

by Erik Amaya


Shane West is the latest actor making his way to Gotham.
Deadline reports the actor will play a “key role” in the program’s fifth and final season as Eduardo Dorrance. Described as an old army buddy of Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) who comes to town to aid the GCPD in keeping order during No Man’s Land, the character, as Edmund Dorrance, will be familiar to comic book readers as King Snake.
Created by Chuck Dixon and Tom Lyle, the character debuted in Robin #1 as an adversary of Tim Drake. As a blind martial artist, he was able to carve out gangland territory in Hong Kong, but was foiled by the third Boy Wonder. He later moved to Gotham, establishing himself above the Triads. He eventually joined Kobra, but his attempt to take over the cult with his son was his final reach power; he was presumed dead after the incident.
Curiously, King Snake turned out the be the father of the infamous Bane. Many are suggesting Dorrance may turn out to be Gotham’s version of Bane as the program plans to introduce the character. Although, it would be interesting to see the characters presented separately to see how they get along in the world of Gotham.
Gotham returns in 2019.

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