Make Your Own Comic Book Style Art In Spider-Man Game’s Photo Mode

by Christine Marie Attardo

As many gamers know, the Spider-Man game released this past weekend and if you’re wondering how much time I spent playing it…the answer is a lot. While there are many reasons to love the game, I wanted to share three things that really stuck out for me. I loved being able to customize his outfit, the boss fights were exceptional, and all in all, it’s just really fun to throw the bad guys around.
One thing that some may not know about the game is just how fun the photo mode is. You can add really cool comic book style designs to screenshots that you take yourself. Here are some that I took myself:

As you can see, it’s a really fun extra to the game even after you’ve played all of the content. I look forward to discovering whether or not there will be a follow up to this game. Fingers and webs crossed. 

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