Xander Berkeley Joins Supergirl As Agent Liberty’s Father

by Erik Amaya


Agent Liberty’s homelife will matter in the fourth season of Supergirl.
TVLine reports actor Xander Berkeley of The Walking Dead and Apollo 13 has been cast as Peter Lockwood, father of Ben Lockwood (Sam Witwer) — aka Agent Liberty. Lockwood the Younger will plague National City with anti-alien rhetoric and resentment. The elder Lockwood, a “middle-class factory owner struggling to make ends meet in a world that’s rapidly changing due to the rise of aliens” appears to blame his economic anxiety on aliens. As the character descriptions later explains, “The seeds of his discontent sows the beginning of an anti-alien wave.”
Granted, there could be other issues surrounding the downturn of his business. Factories are very hard to insure in a world of superheroes. They get invaded and destroyed all the time. But a few rash words about aliens could be enough to fan the flames of his son’s xenophobia, even if Ben turns out, ultimately, to not have hate in his heart. Considering Berkeley’s history of playing corrupt and underhanded people, a contrite father would be an interesting change.
Besides Berkeley and Witwer, the fourth season will also feature Rhona Mitra as Superman: The Animated Series‘ Mercy Graves, Robert Baker as her brother Otis — yes, Otis — Nicole Maines as Nura Nal and Jesse Rath as newly minuted 21st Century resident Brainiac 5.
Supergirl returns October 14th on The CW.

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