“Everyone Stop Saying ‘Derek!'” — Let’s Talk About Wynonna Earp Season 3, Episode 9

by Erik Amaya


In a season of oddball, intense and emotionally draining episodes of Wynonna Earp, this week’s managed to combine all three into an hour almost as strenuous as the ordeal Bulshar (Jean Marchand) but Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) through.
Which, as it happens, means Wynonna Earp finally did its Groundhog’s Day episode. Following up on Bulshar’s invasion of the barn at the end of the last week, Wynonna and Doc (Tim Rozon) seem to find themselves in post-coital bliss. But in truth, they’ve been spellbound by Bulshar to believe they are in some wonderful afterglow where Doc’s vampirism never happened and their latest discord was just another bump in their gravely road. Curiously, though, Wynonna cannot stay enchanted for long, so Bulshar mesmerizes her in a different fashion; forcing her to repeat the same events over and over — kind of like a video game — in the hopes it will break her spirit. She notices almost immediately it might be the same process which breaks down people into Revenants. Doc, for his part, appears to be buried alive and the gamification of the situation means Wynonna must save him.
But really, that’s all there just to get us to Wynonna shouting “Leroy Jenkins.”
I kid, of course, the real story here is a plausible way to to patch up the completely broken relationship between Doc and Wynonna. Or, at the very least, gives us a reason to want any sort of reconciliation. And there may be no stronger reason to rekindle those hopes than the scene in which Doc says he never gave up on her or Alice despite becoming a vampire. It’s a big moment in an otherwise fast-paced episode. That it took the time to slow down for it tells you something.
Then again, it could’ve just been part of Bulshar’s plan…
Back in the real world, Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) and Nicole (Katherine Barrell) address the problem of the ring affixed to Waverly’s finger. They call in a jeweler by the name of Derek, but his attempts are stymied when Nicole gets a call to check out a disturbance at the old Gardner place. There, they find Mercedes (Dani F’ing Kind) returned from a whirlwind trip across the globe to restore her face. It’s not a complete project, but Mercedes has enough of her face back to dish out some great lines and remind the audience, repeatedly, that a pair of witch widows stole her face in the first place. It’s been so long since the real Mercedes has been on our screens that it was delight to see her full tilt once again. Granted, Kind played the Clootie Widow with equal flair, but the human Mercedes is a real treat in a series filled with them.
Oh, also, Derek chases Waverly to the Gardner mansion, where he attempts to take the ring as an expression of “ultimate fealty” to Bulshar. It fails spectacularly as Waverly uses the ring to melt his face off. Add that to the list of cool new things our favorite Nephil can do. Well, at least it is something the ring allows her to do. And if Bobo Del Rey (Micheal Eklund) is to be believed, the ring really belongs to Waverly’s father Julian; which makes her a more appropriate bearer than Bulshar.
At the same time, his search for the ring seems like a low priority now that he has Peacemaker. Apparently, it is “The Tower” from his Tarot card reading and the one item he needs to enter the Garden of Eden. His plan from there is to destroy everything and become the unquestioned master of what he deems suitable to survive. It’s a classic Dalek/Darkseid plan, but Marchand breathes life into it. Also, he looks great in that suit.
But looking back on the episode, it is interesting that he is immune to Peacemaker, yet still needed Wynonna to give it up freely to him. Not that I consider her Groundhog’s Day prison a situation in which she really did anything freely. Pushed to her own emotional limit, she gave up the gun in exchange for a promise that he would not hurt Doc or Waverly. Though Bulshar claims to take his promises as seriously as his curses, I’m left wondering how true to his word he will end up being.
And since I’m asking questions, is the curse over? While the Revs may still end up his army, it seems the war between them and the Earps may be at an end now that Bulshar finally has what he wants. Also, was Wyatt aware of Bulshar’s real plan when he formed his coalition to stop the demon a century ago? And considering the way in which Bulshar got his hands on Peacemaker, was giving it up the decision Wynonna had to make in the Lovers card from her Tarot reading? Plenty to consider while await next week’s episode, which will finally bring Lost Girl star Anna Silk to Purgatory.
Wynonna Earp airs Fridays on Syfy.

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