Swag! Small Press Expo 2018 Edition

by Hannah Means Shannon

My swag is a little hard to describe this year from Small Press Expo 2018. It’s full of small ephemera so you kind of have to dig in. Many people pick up a lot of full size books at SPX, and many people pick up stacks of ‘zines, and those are both appealing options. Since I’m on the road a lot this year, I went with lighter options…

I’m a pin and patch spree lately, which hopefully will affixed to jacket(s) before New York Comic Con. Recognize these two from the CBLDF? The ones below are some occult coolness.

I’ll buck the trend and not leave the best for last. I bit the bullet on an edition of Moebius’ Blueberry Volume 5, signed, from the CBLDF. And I’m very happy with that choice.

We’ve got some zines and collections, including one from the School of Visual Arts Students.

And some stickers, as well as the early arrival of the super cool comiXology Originals print-on-demand Hit Reblog, signed by some of the team. That one I’m reading right away.

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