Horror And Punk Get Their Heads Bashed Together In Poser #1

by Brendan M. Allen

Long thought to be an urban legend in the underground music scene of Redondo Beach, Poser is back to carve a gory slash through the heart of Los Angeles in this brand new multi-issue horror-comic book series!

Let’s get the disclaimer out of the way straight off. The Executive Editor of Comicon.com, Hannah Means-Shannon, is also the Managing Editor of Waxwork Comics, the publisher of Poser. Cool? Cool.
Poser #1 kicks off with a scene all too familiar to anyone growing anywhere near a beach city during the early eighties. A bunch of punks are pre-gaming on the beach before the Circle Jerks show. When awkward outsider Otto tries to join them, he’s brutally rebuffed. Some verbal abuse, a few mild threats and demands for cheeseburgers later, Otto gets his licks in. This kid they called “poser” turns out to be the most hardcore kid on the boardwalk. Probably should have left that dude alone.
Next time we see the two kids that strolled off with Otto, they’re strung up by the neck, eviscerated, with “Poser” written in their blood on the boardwalk under their dangling feet. Otto meets swift justice, as the remaining kids stab and apparently drown the crazed loner. No way he could have survived, right?
Except…a few decades later, another brutal murder bears uncanny similarities to the first crime.
There’s definitely a formula at play here. Matt Miner is paying homage to horror films that came out of the eighties. An urban legend based in a horrific event from the past. A seemingly resurrected villain that has to be the original killer, a distraught family member, or a copycat who’s extremely familiar with the original crimes. Everyone’s settled back into their safe routines, and then… Poser strikes again.
As familiar as this all sounds, the script is surprisingly fresh. Nostalgic, yeah, but never stale or outdated. Miner’s clearly drawing on some personal experience here. He nails down punk rock culture from both time periods and nods at eighties horror without coming off cheesy at any point.
Clay McCormack treads a fine line between shocking and gratuitous with the gore in this opening chapter. The violence is brutal and quick. We never catch the killer in the act, which plays beautifully into the mystery.
If you grew up in the eighties listening to punk music and watching horror films, this is an awesome, nostalgic look back at the music and cinema that shaped a generation. Clichéd? Absolutely! But also insanely fun and clever.
Poser #1, Waxwork Comics, released 12 September 2018. Written by Matt Miner, illustrated by Clay McCormack, color by Doug Garbark, letters by Taylor Esposito.

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