Justice League #7 Is Another Fast, Frenetic, Fabulous Book

by Olly MacNamee

The Justice League are at their finest when battling universe level crises, and writer Scott Snyder is certainly making sure they continue in this vein once again in the most recent issue of this blockbuster book. With the end of the universe slowly creeping closer and closer, the current, expanded Justice League continue to be harassed by Luthor’s Legion of Doom, but finally, they seem to be getting the upper hand for once. But, if you’re expecting a happy ending, don’t bother. Seems the worst is yet to come!
Jim Cheung returns to the title he helped launch, to give this particular chapter in the new Justice League a conclusion, of sorts. Although, by the end of the issue, with not one but two major revelations, it feels more like a continuation of a bigger saga percolating in the background; the aforementioned end of the multiverse. To help choreograph the varied battles, showdowns and dust-ups in this issue, Cheung makes great use of multiple widescreen shots to not only establish the grand scale of the action at play here, but also to provide each team member appropriate ‘camera time’ in a book packed with multiple characters and varied voices. Its a fine balancing act to pull off, but Sny der and Cheung manage it, creating a fast paced, action-packed issue that never lets up. This book has been running on come kind of comic book equivalent of amphetamines and I like it. Always moving forward, always in motion. This Justice League never lets up, but then, they don’t really have a chance.

In amongst all of this is the growing mysteries surrounding Hawkgirl and her links to the Totality – the dangerous energy released as a fallout from the Source Wall’s own universe-threatening damage done during Dark Nights: Metal – as well as further questions raised too, providing plenty of plot points to explore in future issues. It’s packed issue and I honestly had to check on the page count. 22 pages! Yet, it felt like an oversized issue. Like his epic Batman run, Snyder clearly has a long-term game plan and with the quality of art – helped out by the keen colouring of Tomeu Morey, who keeps these frantic, energetic pages crisp and characters and action defined. A tall order for any colourist, but Morey pulls it off effortlessly.

A fast, frenetic, fabulous book, and available now from DC Comics. The Justice League comic book has not been this great for a while. I’m so glad to see it back to it’s past glories and a true flagship title for the DCU. And with a return of an old, familiar face, as well as the return more recent Snyder-created character, I can’t wait for the next issue now.

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