ABC To Develop A Female-Led Marvel Superhero Show

by Erik Amaya


Is it finally time for Jessica Drew or Kate Bishop to find television fame?
Deadline reports ABC has tapped Wonder Woman screenwriter Allan Heinberg to develop a program based on some of Marvel’s female superheroes. Details are scarce, of course, but the mention of multiple characters suggests more of a team situation than, say, a She-Hulk television series. The site suggests the series will utilize some lesser known characters, but it is hard to say what that means these days. Kate Bishop keeps leading comic book titles, for example, but has little profile outside of comics. Same goes for the featured characters in the upcoming Marvel Rising TV movie. Well, at least beyond comics and animation. Come to think of it, even She-Hulk is sort of obscure when compared to established Marvel Studios characters like Black Widow, Scarlet Witch or even Nakia and Shuri.
Of course, everyone will hope for their favorites. And then there are comic book teams like A-Force to consider. It might be a good premise from which to hang the series.
Also worth considering are all the Marvel projects ABC put into motion but never materialized. Marvel’s Most Wanted was never picked up while another female-led show seems to have evaporated completely. New Warriors was produced through ABC Studios, but since it lost its slot on Freeform, its current status is unknown. Hopefully, this project will have more success and we can enjoy the adventures of Kate Bishop, America Chavez, Jennifer Walters and Monica Rambeau.
Not that we’re playing favorites with the speculation.

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