All Out War! Preview Sword Of Ages From Rodriguez And IDW

by Olly MacNamee

This is it. The balls-to-the-wall epic conclusion to the first book in this critically-acclaimed Arthurian flavoured sci-fi-fantsay saga, Sword of Ages by Gabriel Rodriguez, with a little help from colourist, Lovern Kindzierski and letterer Robbie Robbins. And, as champions of this beautiful book, of course we were going to give you a preview of this week’s final issue.

War! It all ends here with the climatic conclusion to an epic two-issue battle! Will Avalon and her companions emerge victorious against the combined might of the Red Clan and the Templar Order? Do our heroes have what it takes to prevail?

Sword of Ages #5 is out Wednesday the 19th of September from IDW.

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