Morrison & Mora’s Klaus Returns This December To Aid The Crying Snowman

by James Ferguson

Well, that’s a weird headline, huh? Klaus, the warrior reimagining of Santa Claus from writer Grant Morrison and artist Dan Mora is coming back for another holiday special. Boom! Studios is set to release Klaus and the Crying Snowman #1 this December.
This time around, our hero helps an absentee dad-turned-snowman make amends before he melts away for good. Standing in their way is a horde of Norse Gods and their minions. I hope he’s had his cookies and milk.

Morrison says:

It’s beginning to look a lot like doomsday… in the 2018 Klaus Christmas special! Working with Dan Mora and BOOM! Studios on these annual adventures of everyone’s favorite sword-slinging immortal gift-giver is more fun than a flying sleigh ride through the Aurora Borealis! Dan has rapidly established himself as one of my all-time favorite collaborators and this year he excels himself yet again as Klaus and his allies face the apocalyptic return of the beings who destroyed the Norse Gods! Can Klaus, his white wolf Lilli, and superhuman comrades including the Romanian Communist Santa Claus Mos Gerila, prevent the end of days and the ultimate destruction of Christmas as a concept? What do you think?

Klaus is the crazy idea that I feel could only exist in comics. Where else would you get this epic story of Santa Claus? I’m glad that the creators have made it a holiday tradition with new adventures popping up every year. It joins the likes of the Peanuts Christmas Special and Rankin-Bass’ Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer as great Christmas pastimes.
Mora adds:

It’s that time of the year, another Klaus Christmas Special that will allow you to experience the Santa Claus story in different and mysterious ways. This is the fourth year we’ve been working on the series, and returning each year to work with Grant and the team is an honor and a pleasure. Grant has created another crazy, amazing story this year for the demigod Klaus and his wolf sidekick, and it’s a rewarding, never-ending challenge to try and keep up with Grant’s imagination as I visually bring this world to life!

Mora will be providing a main cover and a variant cover for Klaus and the Crying Snowman #1.
Eric Harburn, Senior Editor at Boom! Studios says:

It wouldn’t be the holidays without some snow, good cheer…and a brand-new Klaus story that will blow you away. This year, Grant and Dan pull out all the stops with a sci-fi/fantasy adventure that takes Klaus from Ragnarok all the way to the outer rings of Saturn, facing his biggest threat yet.

Look for Klaus and the Crying Snowman #1 at your local comic shop this December. You can also pick up a new hardcover collection of the hero’s holiday specials called Klaus: The New Adventures of Santa Claus on September 26th. The original series, Klaus: How Santa Claus Began is still available in hardcover.

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