IDW Brings Us All-Ages Super Heroics With Marvel Action: Avengers This December

by James Ferguson

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times. We need more comics for kids. There’s absolutely no downside for getting kids into comics. It encourages reading and will usher in the next generation of comic fans. This is why I’m super pumped for Marvel Action: Avengers, coming in December from IDW Publishing. Written by Matthew K. Manning and illustrated by Jon Sommariva, the new all-ages series introduces a dynamic roster of heroes to battle a mega-sized threat that’s weirder and wilder than any they’ve faced before.

Manning says:

I’m really excited about working on Marvel Action: Avengers – we’re planning big, blockbuster plots, surprising twists, and both returning villains and new threats. We’ll be digging into the personalities of these heroes to show all the fans – kids and adults both – exactly what makes them so great.

It sounds like Marvel Action: Avengers will fill the hole left when Marvel Adventures wrapped up years ago. From what Manning says, it looks like this will really be for all-ages too, not toned down for a younger audience. This makes for the perfect kind of comic that can be read together.
Sommariva added:

I am absolutely thrilled and inspired to be drawing some of the most iconic characters in the history of comics. I grew up with these characters, so it’s a real joy to bring my high energy to the visual style of Marvel Action: Avengers. I can’t wait to make fun, action-packed comics for fans of all ages.

This is not Manning’s first foray into the Marvel Universe. He’s previously penned the DK Publishing books Iron Man: The Ultimate Guide to the Armored Super Hero and The Avengers Encyclopedia. Sommariva has worked with a number of all-ages titles including Star Wars Adventures and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Amazing Adventures.
Bobby Curnow, Group Editor at IDW Publishing says:

We’re incredibly excited to work with Marvel to bring in a new era of all-ages Avengers comics. Having worked with the creative team in the past, and seeing the material they are cooking up, I’m eager for this book to get in the hands of readers. The enthusiasm and love of comics in this book is absolutely infectious and will be sure to create a new generation of Avengers fans.

I still don’t entirely understand why Marvel doesn’t publish these books themselves, but I’m glad they will exist. Marvel Action: Avengers debuts in December 2018, but you’ll be able to get some all-ages super heroics a month earlier with Marvel Action: Spider-Man. Then Marvel Action: Black Panther will follow in January 2019. These are ideal for kids aged 8-12, but can be enjoyed by all ages.

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