Reality Is Cracking Up In This Exclusive Preview Of Quantum And Woody! #11

by Hannah Means Shannon

We’ve got an exclusive preview for you today courtesy of Valiant, bringing us a look inside the pages of Quantum and Woody! #11, arriving October 17th.
Issue #11 is written by Eliot Rahal (Bloodshot’s Day Off), and illustrated by Eisner-nominated artist Joe Eisma, with covers by Kyle Smart and Eisma, as well as a special “Extreme Ultra Foil” by Geof Shaw.

Quantum and Woody can take on anything, right? Even a dark entity they’ve drawn back with them from their time in the Otherverse? Reality might be in a dire state otherwise.

Valiant says:

Quantum and Woody are having a pretty terrible day so far – their atoms were dissolved in the middle of a nationwide disaster; they faced down their personal demons in “The Otherverse;” and now they’re responsible for bringing a malicious entity back with them! These guys can’t even finish a jigsaw puzzle without losing a whole bunch of pieces – how are they gonna put all of reality back together?

Here’s our exclusive preview for you!

The “Separation Anxiety” story arc continues in issue #11, which arrives October 17th, and reaches Final Order Cut-Off (FOC) on Monday, September 24th, 2018.

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