Following An Endearing Couple In A Blasted Wasteland In CODA #5

by Staff

By Josh Davison

Sir Hum and Serka tear across the landscape, battling the various mercenaries and raiders that travel it and taking their magical artifacts. Serka is determined to reach Thundervale and kill the Whitlord that controls the city. Hum wants a more tactical and careful option but ultimately hopes to cure Serka before reaching that far. He confesses his feelings to the Ylf whose head he stole, but the Ylf manages to cut deeper into Hum’s psyche than the former bard intended.
Coda #5 finds Sir Hum and Serka working together in the vast wasteland of their world. Sir Hum works behind Serka’s back but believes he is doing it for her own good. Meanwhile, Serka continues her crusade against the evil of the Whitlords.
Those objectives sum up these characters quite well, and it also shows how both Hum and Serka idealize one another. Hum believes Serka to be a pure person despite personal revenge being a big part of her motivation, and Serka believes Hu to be a selfless person despite his own shadowed machinations. It also shows how both want the other to be better than they are.
That said, Hum is performing the greater betrayal by leaps and bounds, and he is doing some truly horrific things.
It makes for an endearing and interesting couple, and you want to see how this all turns out for this loving couple.
The Ylf is turning out to be an interesting character, too. Despite his torture and starvation, he is incredibly perceptive and cuts down to the wick of Hum’s intentions.

Matias Bergara and Michael Doig once again do an excellent job of rendering this blasted wasteland of a world, contrasted by elaborate designs and expressive characters. The world is desiccated and dying, but the characters are determined survivors with bright and vibrant gear. At times, the elaborate designs are difficult to parcel out from one another, especially in Thundervale, but the book still looks great for most of its run.
Coda #5 is another compelling issue to the series and continues to expand upon its enjoyable lead characters. The story continues to engage, and the art continues to be appealing. This one earns a recommendation. Feel free to check it out.
Coda #5 comes from writer Simon Spurrier, artist Matias Bergara, color assistant Michael Doig, letterer Jim Campbell, cover artists Matias Bergara and Trevor Hairsine with Jordan Boyd, and designer Marie Krupina. BOOM! Studios is the publisher, and the comic is available now for $3.99.

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