NYCC 2018: Lion Forge Unveils Signings, Panels & Exclusives

by Gary Catig

Comic publisher Lion Forge has plenty planned for this year’s New York Comic Con. They will have signings with their talented creators, panels, and even a Voltron Legendary Defender exclusive variant. You can check out all their happenings on the show floor, at Booth #1936, and with their talks. The details are below:
Thursday, October 4
Andrew Pepoy & Michael Uslan (Dinosaucers): 11am – 11:30am
Paige Braddock (Love Letters to Jane’s World): 1pm – 2pm
Brenna Thummler (Sheets): 5pm – 6pm
Friday, October 5
Katie Green (Lighter Than My Shadow): 11am – 12pm
Mitch Iverson (Voltron Legendary Defender): 1pm – 2pm
Brenna Thummler (Sheets): 3pm – 4pm
Ezra Claytan Daniels (Upgrade Soul): 5pm- 6pm
Saturday, October 6
David F. Walker (Superb): 11am – 12pm
Mitch Iverson (Voltron Legendary Defender): 1pm – 2pm
Katie Green (Lighter Than My Shadow): 3pm – 4pm
Paige Braddock (Love Letters to Jane’s World): 5pm – 6pm
Sunday, October 7
Amy Chu (Summit): 12pm – 1pm
Ezra Claytan Daniels (Upgrade Soul): 2pm- 3pm
Friday, October 4th
Better Together: Forging a Future for Librarians and Comic Book Stores
(3:30pm – 4:15pm, Berger Forum)
With the growth in popularity of graphic novels in libraries, curating books that are on trend with what the market desires can be challenging. Lion Forge, the St. Louis publisher of “Comics for Everyone” offers an informative discussion to help librarians with ideas on how to partner with local comic book shops and vice versa. Join Lion Forge editor Christina “Steenz” Stewart, Eisner award-winning store owner Jenn Haines, and more for ideas on how both can help strengthen their graphic novel section, as well as produce events to serve their collective communities.
Sunday, October 7th
Lion Forge Presents: Representation in Graphic Storytelling- From the Comic Shop to the Tabletop
(3:45 pm – 4:45pm, 1A02)
Lion Forge Comics strives to publish comics and more that everyone, regardless of background, ethnicity or gender identification can connect with. With multiple imprints, including an entire line of books for younger readers, and one of the most diverse superhero universes in comics history, the St. Louis publisher makes good on that promise every Wednesday. Join Lion Forge Senior publicist Jeremy Atkins, Rolled & Told editor Christina “Steenz” Stewart, Katie Green (Lighter Than My Shadow), writer David F. Walker (Superb), and McDuffie Award winner Ezra Claytan Daniels (Upgrade Soul) for a discussion on what inclusivity and representation truly means for the worlds of comics, gaming, and pop culture at large.
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Lion Forge is known for their diversity. With assembling an array of talent for signings to a panel on representation, the publisher has that in full display during NYCC.

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