The Rocketeer Is Reborn This December At IDW With Charretier, Colinet & Pulido

by Olly MacNamee

IDW are bringing back Dave Stevens’ The Rocketeer this winter in a series entitled Rocketeer Reborn by writers Elsa Charretier and Pierrick Colinet (collaborators on Star Wars Adventures and The Infinite Loop) and artist Javier Pulido (Human Target, Hawkeye).

In Rocketeer Reborn, eighty years have passed since Cliff Secord first found an experimental jetpack and soared through the skies as a high-flying hero. Now, decades later, The Rocketeer is all but forgotten to most people, a legend of a bygone era. When Cliff’s jetpack is found in a most unexpected way, it’s a race for those with good and evil intent to grab hold, strap on, and take off for adventure!

Speaking of the legacy of the late, great Stevens and his character, Charretier and Colinet comment:

It’s an immense honor for us to contribute to Dave Steven’s legacy, and a big responsibility as well— making sure we stay true to the spirit of the character for both old and new fans alike. We hope people will find a fresh, pulp-noir, modern Rocketeer, as Javier Pulido’s wonderfully unique style and inventive storytelling bring this new adventure to life.

Javier Pulido playfully adds, “Drop the cellphone and look up in the sky. There – The Rocketeer flies again!”
The first issue of The Rocketeer Reborn 5 issue mini series will drop this December from IDW.

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