Hinging The Plot On A Relatable Lead In The Life of Captain Marvel #3

by Staff

By Josh Davison

The mysterious Kree aggressor continues her warpath towards Harpswell Sound while Carol Danvers struggles to cope with the revelations about her family. Louis tries to help her regain her bearings, but a robotic threat approaches the town. It will be another job for Captain Marvel. Meanwhile, Carol’s mother has another big secret in store for her daughter.
The Life of Captain Marvel #3 continues the series’ focus on the personal life and family history of Carol Danvers. While the action is slowly ramping up in this issue, the comic still puts a priority on the quieter tragedies of broken family and outed secrets.
Consequently, the comic almost entirely hinges on how much you can connect to the character of Carol Danvers. Thankfully, Margaret Stohl has a lot of experience writing Captain Marvel now, and she does a great job of presenting Carol Danvers as a dynamic and lovable figure in this book.

The drones we get to see Captain Marvel fight in this issue are admittedly dull. They are small spheres with a lot to be desired visually. They’re supposed to be scouts for the Kree woman, but still—remember the Kree Sentries? Those were cool. Send one of those to fight Captain Marvel.
Carlos Pacheco and Marguerite Sauvage split the art once again, with Sauvage constructing the flashbacks while Pacheco, inker Rafael Fonteriz, and colorist Marcio Menyz render the present scenes. Both halves gel very well, and this book looks fantastic as a result.
The Life of Captain Marvel #3 is another impressive showing from Stohl, Sauvage, Pacheco, Fonteriz, and Menyz. Carol Danvers is a fantastic character who deserves an excellent creative team like this, and the book has plenty of surprising revelations in store for the reader. This book earns a strong recommendation and is one of the better reads you will have this week.
The Life of Captain Marvel #3 is brought to you by writer Margaret Stohl, artists Marguerite Sauvage and Carlos Pacheco, with the latter working alongside inker Rafael Fonteriz and colorist Marcio Menyz. The letters are done by VC’s Clayton Cowles, the cover by Julian Totino Tedesco, the variant cover by Joe Quesada and Richard Isanove, the Kree “Kleaner” design by Joshua James Shaw, the logo by Jay Bowen, and the design by Nick Russell. The comic is published by Marvel Comics and is available today for $3.99.

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