Amazon’s First Preview Image From The Boys Recalls A Famous Comic Book Cover

by Erik Amaya

Amazon is not being coy about The Boys‘s comic book roots.
The streaming platform released a first-look image from the series which will be familiar to anyone who read the initial run of the Garth Ennis/Darrick Robertson comic book.

The image, a direct quote from the comic book’s first collected edition, features stars Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Karen Fukuhara, Laz Alonso and Tomer Capon as a team of agents tasked with rounding up some of the more hedonistic superheroes when their tenancies get out of line. But Billy Butcher (Urban) and Wee Hughie (Quaid) have more on their mind than law enforcement when confronting an alleged superhero group with ties to the death of Hughie’s girlfriend.
The program will unveil some footage during an Amazon presentation at New York Comic Con next week, which should be pretty interesting as The Boys is the least reverent superhero comic book to make the leap from pages to TV screens.
Meanwhile, it is still unknown when the series will debut.

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