The Spider King Returns In New One Shot This December

by Tito W. James

Josh Vann and Simone D’armini are teaming up once again to bring us another tale of vikings fighting aliens in a new comic one shot titled The Spider King: Frostbite.

Viking warriors Hrolf, Sigrid and the Laxdale clan continue their war against the alien invaders, traipsing across medieval Europe. Frostbite picks up where the last Spider King volume ended, as the clan make their way through an ominous snow storm, and are attacked by swarms of biting, fighting, talking animals.

The first volume of The Spider King was surprisingly fun and delivered upon it’s wacky premise. Therefore, I hope that this new adventure builds upon what came before and manages to surprise the readers. Look for our favorite alien-slaying Viking Clan on store shelves this December.

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