I Will Live Forever: Haunting Papercraft Comics Can Be Yours From Beehive Books

by Hannah Means Shannon

The indie publisher Beehive Books, known for their lush and interesting volumes, have launched another Kickstarter, this time featuring the talents of their co-publisher and designer Maëlle Doliveux.
Doliveux’s method in creating the comics and illustrations for this project includes: “using layers upon layers of colored paper” to create artwork that “resembles relief sculptures in their dimensionality”. The works are then photographed carefully in a specific way for presentation to the reader. The new collection, I Will Live Forever, is currently funding. Its themes range through six short stories in the form of mortality, memory, and rebirth.
Check out these images and info below:

I WILL LIVE FOREVER is a collection of six all-new short stories linked thematically and structurally by the concepts of mortality, rebirth, memory, and the interconnectedness of all things. 
These are not tales of heroic deaths or martyrdoms, but everyday endings that weave through life at every scale. A young architect travels to a war-ravaged city to project holograms of once-standing landmarks. A prince reflects on the strings attached to his inheritance. A genetically engineered mushroom witnesses the end of a planet. The book will explore grief and mourning, but also relief, renewal and humor.
Tales range from ancient history to the heat-death of the universe, tracing characters who make an effort to reach out from their brief lives and limited perspectives to build something that will outlast them, to connect with the richness and constancy of the world around them, or to create meaning that is larger than themselves.

I Will Live Forever will be 148 pages with an oversized 8.5 x12.125″ trim size, beautifully produced, designed and printed on lux woodfree archival 150 pound paper stock. The exterior covers will be intricately die cut in several layers, with coptic binding revealing the stitching along the spine. Each edition will come in a custom designed mailer box.
Now, that sounds like a win for every backer. Other rewards can be found right here.
I Will Live Forever will campaign until Tuesday, October 23rd, so get cracking! These projects need our love.

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