What Will Be The Big “Jack Moment” In Season 3 Of This Is Us?

by Christine Marie Attardo

This week brought the premiere of the third season of NBC’s hit series, This Is Us. With that, came a ton of questions for fans of the show as we discover more of what it’s like to live in a world where we know how Jack Pearson dies.

The second half of the second season reassured us that Jack’s story was far from over. Season 3 has promised highlights of the beginning of Jack and Rebecca’s relationship in addition to some of Jack’s experience in Vietnam. However, what is the big “Jack moment” going to be moving forward?
One of the best things about This is Us, was the over-arching mystery of how he died and how that affected the characters as a whole. The last two minutes of the season two finale showed us an entirely different perspective as we discovered Randall as a much older man with his daughter Tess. The season three premiere continued that storyline as the episode closed out with “old Randall” calling “old Toby” on the phone and asking him to join in on a visit to “her.” The mysterious “her” could very well be our big “Jack moment” for the season, but I’m a bit conflicted on the matter.
Why? Writer, Dan Fogelman was clear that the “old Randall” storyline is how he always imagined the series would end. Why are we seeing footage of how the series will end? Perhaps his plans have changed? Fans, including myself, would surely be disappointed if we only got three seasons of a show that is beyond addicting.
Over the Summer I contemplated Toby’s impending mental breakdown and if that would be the big “Jack moment,” but now that we know that he is at least alive based on that flash-forward scene. Time will tell how it will all unravel and I will continue to piece together my theories until I pin point what the big “Jack moment,” will be for season 3 of This is Us. 
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