Marvel’s Runaways Gets Ready For Action In Season 2 Trailer

by Erik Amaya

Hulu (via TVLine) has released a new teaser for the upcoming season of Marvel’s Runaways and while it seems the team have set up house and are getting ready to take things back from their evil parents, the mystery surrounding which one of them is still in contact with Jonah (Julian McMahon) has seemingly been spoiled.
Or, one supposes, it wasn’t much a spoiler to begin with if it is a key moment in the first preview of the year.

But the short tease also gets one thing across, there will be more, um, running this year. There will also be a bit more action as the kids finally know what they can do. The few glimpses here illustrate a pivot away from the self-discovery tale of the first season to something more direct. Granted, there will probably still be room for self-discovery. It is Runaways, after all.
And unlike last year, Hulu will release the entire season on one day. December 21st, to be exact. So get ready to binge on the show this holiday season.

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