The Many Faces Of The Sentry In Issue #4

by Josh Davison

[**Mild Spoilers Ahead for The Sentry #4]
Scout has accessed the power of the Sentry thanks to the Golden Serum, and Cranio tells him that Bob Reynolds is somehow trapped in the Confluctor. Meanwhile, Iron Man tries to hold the Sentry in his underground bunker, but Sentry is unwilling to be restrained. He must find the Confluctor and determine what has happened to himself and Bob Reynolds.

The Sentry #4 cover by Kim Jacinto
The Sentry #4 cover by Kim Jacinto

Sentry #4 begins building the climax we have been waiting for, with Sentry confronting both Iron Man and Scout and a battle breaking out between the immense powers.
I’m unsure what to make of “Sentress” being fridged; Bob made her because of a crush he had one a woman working at the diner. Sentress died last issue, and Scout almost hits on why that was a creepy construct from the beginning. However, just killing Sentress isn’t exactly a means of resolving that creepiness.
In any case, the battle between Sentry and Iron Man is pretty damn cool, and so is the duel between Sentry and Scout.
Bob Reynolds’ part in this has a surprising finale that left me genuinely enticed to see where the next issue goes, which is, needless to say, an important quality.
The Sentry #4 art by Joshua Cassara and Rain Beredo
The Sentry #4 art by Joshua Cassara and Rain Beredo

Kim Jacinto and Joshua Cassara split the artwork once again, this time Cassara following Bob in Sentry world and Jacinto following Sentry in the “real” world. Both artists do great work, though Jacinto gives Sentry some bizarre faces, especially when he is being punched. They can look a little goofy and take the reader out of the moment. Thankfully, this isn’t so bad as to kill the tension completely. Rain Beredo’s color work is varied and well-balanced, and that does a lot for the visuals.
The Sentry #4 is another impressive showing from Jeff Lemire’s revival of the golden hero. He faces both is jailers and his betrayers, and the ensuing battle makes for a compelling read. This one is definitely worth a recommendation, and I suggest giving it a read.
This comic comes to us courtesy of writer Jeff Lemire, artists Kim Jacinto and Joshua Cassara, color artist Rain Beredo, letterer VC’s Travis Lanham, cover artist Jacinto, and variant cover artist Vanesa Del Rey.

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